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How to Be a Woman Who Can Win Any Man’s Heart

Secret to boost your femininity.


Jessey Anthony

3 months ago | 6 min read


We often think that couples fall out of love because they realize they are not compatible, fight too much, or do not have enough sex. Some of these things may be true, but relationships are much more complicated.

When we hear statements like “I’m not attracted to you anymore,” or “I love you, but I’m not in love with you.” We are inclined to believe the relationship is over.

The heart-racing and exhilarating feelings that were there at the beginning of the relationship suddenly disappeared.

The extraordinary person who made life worth living a few days or weeks before is now a simple, underserving, and annoying human being. But falling out of love doesn’t mean your relationship is over. It shouldn’t be.

Feelings don’t just die unless we lose our core essence. Men and women, no matter what they appear to be, have a sexual essence that is more likely to be associated with their gender.

Most women embody feminine essences, while most men are masculine at their core. This does not mean that all men have dominant masculine energy or that all women have dominant feminine energy.

There are a lot of women who are more dominant or active in a relationship and a lot of men who prefer to be guided by their female partners. What is important is that these opposing energies tend to attract each other regardless of your genitals.

You are likely to attract the man of your dreams when you have a strong feminine essence. You have to feel deeper, be more embodied, and go deeper into your physical wisdom to reach a man’s heart.

This deeper feeling and embodiment awakens deeper confidence in men and repulses men who are not serious.

This is because men who are not serious do not want to sacrifice their energy and resources to connect or adapt to their male essence.

We are so good at hiding who we are — our true nature, whether masculine, feminine, or neutral.

What you will realize, however, is that to be in your authentic feminine energy, you have to eliminate a few bad eggs from your life.

Some men can run away from you if you become attuned to your femininity; because they don’t want to connect with you, which is a good thing. You don’t need a partner who isn’t ready to complement you.

If you stay open and vulnerable, not everyone can take it. And that’s what you want. But if you are an embodied woman, you will naturally experience more emotions, and this emotion will also serve to attract men who are waiting to be in a real relationship with you.

You want to get rid of the weaker men who will run away. You shouldn’t settle for men who won’t connect to their true form.

Honor your feminine traits

Some women do not know what their feminine essence is. If you give in to the demands of how you think you should be, you’ll never know how to eliminate bad men.

An embodied woman is often the embodiment of grace, elegance, and poise. You don’t have to be poised and graceful to show you are a woman, but you still need to maintain your femininity.

Femininity doesn’t mean being rigid. Women shouldn’t be strict and mean unless they really need to be.

Truly feminine women have a beautiful quality of spontaneity and freedom. When you become aware of your own inner balance between the feminine and masculine essence, you can better understand the attraction between you and your partners and vice versa.

If you are primarily attracted to men with a more masculine embodiment, this could be an indication of your dominant feminine nature.

Embrace your deepest emotions

Society forces us to avoid the deep emotions that make men want to take care of us — vulnerability- which inspires men to devote themselves to us.

We have become accustomed to covering things up with words and actions to fit in to a particular circle or feel good about ourselves.

You need to feel your emotions so that you can become more feminine and communicate your vulnerability in a high-quality standard. You need to acknowledge your pain and fears.

Give yourself the space to feel deeper. Don’t avoid unleashing your anger. Stop blaming people and avoid spreading old repressed emotions on a man like it’s his fault.

Instead, remember that anger can be valuable, just like sadness, pain, and love are valuable.

Your emotions, no matter how many times you have been told that your feelings don’t matter or that you need to stop feeling them, they’re there to protect you.

Emotions are transmitters that let us know that we are sensitive to something and prepare us for our next course of action.

So the next time you feel angry or depressed, embrace it. Let it out. Don’t hide it. Let it consume you until you reach a state of tranquility.

Honor his masculine direction

Although I’m pretty sure it’s not always your conscious choice to respect a man. I think it’s worth trying to show a little respect unless he repeatedly destroys your confidence and does terrible things.

If you do this, most men will come out and be the strong and powerful man for you — the man who deserves your respect because your confidence and vulnerability are inspiring.

This prompts him to pursue his masculine direction in life. Unless you are a naturally masculine woman, it’s not your place to tell a man how to live up to his masculine essence.

It’s not your job to emasculate and not trust he can do something right — make big decisions, or feel the need to point out what he should do and where he should go.

Sometimes we become too attached to our partners that we make their business ours. This is wrong, and it can influence toxic behaviors.

Men like to feel their ego, and you should respect that.

You’ll probably want to frown on this one. I mean, which feminist woman would like to massage a man’s ego? Well, I wish it wasn’t necessary.

So I guess it all comes down to “how much you want genuine love and not just a significant downtown trip to partner up?”

How much would you like your man to attune to his masculine essence? Because core masculinity is about structure, logic, and taking charge.

They are decision-makers, goal-getters, and if this essence is not fully embodied, men lose their self-confidence. When a man loses faith in his identity, he easily becomes a woman’s push-over.

And women don’t like dating men they can push around. At least most women I know like to be guided by the men they love.

Men need to feel their ego in order to be confident in themselves. They need to know that you can trust their judgment. They need to know that you trust what they say or do.

If he makes a mistake, don’t say, “I told you,” or “Remember, I told you it would be better to do it the other way.”

Because that only leads to more breakups in your relationship. Instead, respond by feeling sorry that he didn’t achieve what he wanted. He is human too. So if he’s vulnerable, don’t rub it in his face.

Women shouldn’t be ashamed of being feminine.

Feminine women are kickass. While a woman needs to be composed at times, it is important that she can keep up with the flow of life.

Femininity also involves an element of irrationality, and some people, men and women included- misrepresent the personalities of feminine energy.

It is wrong to think feminine essence shows weakness. Indeed, irrationality or chaos is a typical characteristic of feminine energy. This is where a woman’s ocean of emotions comes into play.

When a woman is embodied, i.e., when she is not pretending to be who she isn’t (a person without emotions) — she naturally appears irrational from the male person’s perspective.

This is because the female body is not built to be consistent. Women have cycles, and their emotions change depending on the people and the world around them.

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