How women entrepreneurs are making a mark in the media and entertainment industry?

Women across the world are shaping up industries.


Prashanti ravi

3 years ago | 3 min read

Sometimes, one has to be twice as good to get half that far – This has been the best-case scenario for most women in any industry.

But now is a great time for women to be entering the business, whether on screen or off screen , there is more content than ever, and while this may make it hard to find an audience, it more importantly gives women more opportunity to create content.

The sobering realization is that we all think we've already been disrupted — whether by Netflix, Amazon prime, Hulu, google, Facebook or Apple, but in fact this is only the beginning.

Women across the world are shaping up industries by stepping up and taking on larger roles. All these things would have sounded like an implausi--ble dream a decade ago.

But now, while some women are making their presence felt by holding powerful positions, and breaking the glass ceiling, others have taken the road less traveled to become entrepreneurs.

Media as an industry by itself has seen a tremendous amount of change.

The transformation from traditional media to digital media has effectively changed the narrative of how women are perceived in decision-making positions and have paved the way for many women to take the center stage in the media and entertainment industry.

This change can also be considered as the ripple effect of women entrepreneurs in other industries taking the lead. But the show business is still a fort that is strongly guarded by men, it is tougher for women to breach the fort, hence the skewed representation in the industry.

Having women as leaders in the entertainment industry is no more just a moral obligation or for mere representation purposes, it should be a business decision, considering more than half of the entertainment and media consumers are women.

The quality of the products produced by the women entrepreneurs speaks for itself. For example, movies like NH10, Gully Boy, Lust Stories all came out of women-owned production houses like Clean Slates and Tiger Baby Films.

Women like Guneet Monga, Mira Nair, Deepa Mehta are not just churning out good content but also running their production houses profitably while collecting international accolades.

However, we do have a long way to go. According to a UN report in 2019 on gender inequality in Indian media, it was found that the women occupied less than five percent of leadership positions across media companies.

In magazines, it was 13.6 percent, 20.9 percent for TV channels, and 26.3 percent for digital portals.

Media and entertainment is a dynamic business, it requires constant juggling between multiple tasks, to be on your feet most of the time, and handle large groups of people while making creative decisions which makes business sense too.

There is a wrong notion that women cannot handle all these things, but I think women are most equipped to handle multiple responsibilities and deliver the best results, given the fact that most women tend to grow up in dynamic households, that require them to multitask.

For women entrepreneurs the doors of showbiz didn’t open at the first attempt, several women over the last few decades have tried to create a small pathway for us to have reached here.

The perception that women cannot handle ‘mainstream big-budget’ movies/ shows are being proven wrong time and again. Ekta Kapoor, today, has reached the pinnacle of her success by producing some of the biggest fictional shows in the history of Indian television.

The window given to women to prove their worth and showcase their talent in this field is staggeringly small when compared to their male counterparts.

When a man fails, he will be judged as an individual and will be able to find other opportunities. But, when a woman fails, she will be identified as a failure because of her gender and will find it hard to find any work after one failure.

The entertainment industry historically has moved with power and money, both of which women had no access to. With the world around us changing, women are slowly gearing up to take charge and claim their due.

Now, you can see a significant influx of women entrepreneurs in the scene, and hopefully, there will be a day when there won't be a prefix ‘woman’ attached to their job titles.


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