You Won't Stay Broke If You Write In This Day and Age

It's an exciting time to be writing


Chau Trieu

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Many famous authors whose works have greatly influenced the world died broke.

O. Henry, Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allan Poe, Zora Neal Hurston, Herman Melville, and more.

Granted, they were living in a troubled time where there were diseases that available medicine couldn’t cure and people had to go to jail for loving someone of the same gender.

Nonetheless, writing has never been a lucrative career. That’s why Asian parents (mine included) have pushed their kids to go into law, engineering, or medicine. It’s stable, unlike writing.

That is until the rise of content creation and making money online.

It’s everywhere: YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Quora, and Medium. There are Accelerator and Partner and Creator programs. Then came the birth of influencer and affiliate marketing. Some people earn $$$$ a month writing or making videos or answering others’ questions.

Now, I’m not saying you’ll be those people.

You can. With a dash of luck and lots of high-quality content posted frequently, you’ll become the next hot influencer.

But it’s best to assume that you most likely won’t so you can approach this field with the right mindset.

The good news is you won’t become the next broke writer.

Storytelling has never been in demand like now.

Every brand, every product, and every campaign needs a compelling story. Stories that make people feel and relate sell.

And who can possibly tell a story better than you, a passionate writer who always has so many anecdotes to share?

14-year-old Chau thought it’d be challenging to make a living doing her dream job.

24-year-old Chau has been working as a full-time content writer and freelancing on the side since graduating.

I don’t make a sh*tload of money but I have enough to put a roof over my head, dine out three to four times a month, and buy presents for my parents.

That might not be the goal you’re aiming for.

You might need to earn more to support yourself and your family considering where you are living and your interests. You might need to take on more jobs and generate different income sources to accommodate your needs.

Fortunately, the market has the capacity and encourages us to do more.

Don’t just write a blog.

Write blogs, make videos, accept ghostwriting gigs, and coach other people.

The bottom line is you will not be a broke writer in this day and age.

What a wonderful time to be alive and writing, isn’t it?


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