Wooden Fence, Picket Fence in UAE

From the traditional picket fence to newer engineered styles, here are the different types of fences you can choose from for your backyard.



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What is a Wooden Fencing?

wooden fence can serve a variety of purposes. A wood barrier can be used as a divider, a marker, a fence around a designated yard, or anywhere else within the property boundary. It can be used as a partition, a structure, a wall divider, or a wall divider. Timber fencing is another name for it.

Types of wooden fence

As per the research paper titled “Characteristics and Availability of Commercially Important Woods” by ‘Melody. The following types of wood can be used for a wooden fence to achieve a satisfactory service life:

Cedar Wood

Compared to lighter types of wood, cedar is softer, less strong, and has limited shock resistance. When it is set for drying, it gets slightly compressed. Work on it smoothly, it holds color well, and it is exceptionally resistant to heartwood decay. It is used to make poles, posts, cabin logs, railroad crusts, lumber, shingles, decorative fencing, and boats because of its durability.

Pine Wood

The affordability of pine fences makes them a very popular fencing choice. Southern yellow pine is the most common type of pine used to build fences, which has been treated with chemical preservatives to prevent weather damage and insect infestations. A pine fence will run you anywhere if you need of fencing for a typical residential backyard.

Red Oak Wood

The wood of red oak is dense and shrinks as it dries. Red oaks are primarily used for lumber, railroad crossties, fence posts, veneer, etc. For satisfactory service, timber fence posts made from red oak wood usually require preservative treatment.

Teak Wood

As well as being versatile, strong, durable, weather-resistant, and warp-resistant, teak wood doesn't decay easily. Due to its strength and longevity, teakwood is also very expensive. Therefore, it is used mainly for erecting posts and making rails. In addition to fencing, it can be used for cabinet making, interior and exterior joinery, flooring, fine furniture, carving, paneling, turnery, veneers, and poles. Scaffolding, fence posts, and most communication lines are made from teak wood.

Advantages of Wooden Fencing

  • An obvious advantage of wooden fence in Dubai is that it adds aesthetic value to a property. You can use it to enhance the appearance of your home, and set it apart from neighboring houses. You can achieve this by painting, carving, or staining. If you want to enhance the appearance and extend the service life of your fence, you can paint it with regular water-resistant paint.
  • Timber fencing is an eco-friendly option. Wood is a natural substance that can be taken from a tree at any time. Old wooden fence pieces can also be disposed of without damaging the surroundings. Therefore, wood fencing is always one of the safest methods to consider.
  • A wooden fence is usually affordable, provided wood is available in abundance in your locality, unlike stone or brick wall fencing, steel fencing, and metal fencing.
  • Fences made of wood can be customized based on the owner's needs while keeping a budget in mind.


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