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Impress your neighbors and friends with one of our wooden pergolas, creating a fresh, beautiful elemental space in your garden.



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What is wooden Pergola ?

Wooden Pergolas are outdoor gardens that feature a shaded path or passageway or can even serve as sitting areas. A sturdy open lattice supports the cross-beams and supports the woody vines.Wooden Pergolas can be built freestanding and attached to a house structure to provide fresh air and a beautiful setting. Most pergolas are installed on pavers or concrete patios. Furniture and grilling equipment can be placed underneath it. Making your backyard a central hangout spot is easy with pergolas.

Wooden pergolas offer a variety of design options

The first thing you need to decide when installing a wooden pergola in Dubai is, custom or kit? You can hire a local landscape professional to design and build a wooden pergola right in your backyard. Typically, you're limited to rectangles and fixed dimensions when designing.

Next, you will need to decide what materials to use. All materials have their advantages and disadvantages, and there are many to choose from:

Pine Wood Pergola :

A pine wood pergola is often the least expensive option. While pressure-treated lumber is likely to last for a long time, it can warp, crack, and check over time. It is generally best to paint or stain this type of pergola.

Red Meranti Wood Pergola :

A red meranti wood pergola is a popular choice for pergolas. From the moment it leaves the sawmill, it looks beautiful and is naturally insect-resistant. If you want it to remain soft, you can leave it untreated, or you can stain and seal it to maintain its color. Red meranti wood pergolas are more expensive than pressure-treated pergolas, but they usually last longer.

Let's now discuss the 5 purposes of a Pergola.

1. A Pergola creates versatile shade

Are pergolas really able to provide shade? You can add shade to your backyard space with pergolas. They provide relief from the direct rays of the sun while still allowing sunlight to enter the room. In spite of the fact that pergolas do not provide full shade as a stand-alone structure, their versatility allows many shade options. You can add a retractable canopy if you want full coverage. Depending on the time of day or location of the sun, you can enjoy various levels of shade. Full sun coverage isn't limited to retractable canopies. In addition to plants, bamboo, or fabric sales, there are many other ways to add extra sunblock to your pergola.

2. Your backyard will be beautiful with Pergolas

In their elegant structure, pergolas display undeniable beauty, and you have a keen eye for beauty. A stylish touch can be added to any backyard, patio, or pool area with their design. Despite the fact that their structures alone can catch the eye, there are endless possibilities for enhancing the beauty, style, or elegance of your pergola. Your pergola can be made from a variety of materials. Wood, vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass pergolas are available for sale. Your pergola structure can be made from rustic, modern, classy, or elegant materials depending on your style.

3. Pergolas are a pleasant, hospitable outdoor spot

Pergolas are the perfect place to hold a barbecue, hold a small wedding, or simply enjoy a cup of hot coffee all by yourself. The shade and beauty of pergolas attract people. They are a great place for friends and family to gather, eat, sit, and play games. As well as being an inviting entryway to a garden, they add an attractive, fun, and stylish touch to any party, cookout, or wedding. With added drapes, latticework, or screens, privacy can also be offered. A wood pergola should always make you smile when you look out your window.

4. Pergolas add long-term value to your Home

Is it really worth it to invest in pergolas? It is true that pergolas add market value to your home because of their shade, beauty, and accommodating, hospitable nature. Experts say that landscaping can increase the value of your home by 15%. Pergolas and other comfortable outdoor additions are high on the list for adding value to your home since outdoor living is becoming more popular. A pergola adds character and utility to your landscape design. You can either use them to complete your backyard landscape or to inspire your creativity in further designing your outdoor landscape.

5. Pergolas offer affordable beauty

As you consider the possibility of owning a pergola, you may wonder if these Italian beauties are affordable. Compared to their friendly competitors' gazebos and pavilions, pergolas are more affordable. In comparison, gazebos and pavilions easily cost more than the average cost of a custom pergola including labor and materials. The price drops to about if you build it yourself. To learn more about the cost of building a pergola, follow this link How Much Does It Cost to Build a Pergola if you're interested in investing in a high-end pergola. Get to know the cost of a pergola that fits right into your budget by doing your research. Investing in pergolas is an affordable way to cultivate your love of the outdoors and to share your outdoor space with others.


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