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Remote working? Working from home? Sounds familiar, right?


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3 years ago | 2 min read

Remote working? Working from home? Sounds familiar, right?

Now that is the way in which millions of people around the globe are carrying out their work at the moment. And let’s be honest, working from home isn’t a new concept to anyone. It’s been around as a concept for quite a long time.

Way before COVID-19 came, remote working was already going up as a trend for many companies. However, for the vast majority of the other companies, it was still an aspect that wasn’t appreciated and wasn’t seen in high regard.

This is because of the old-school fashioned way of viewing work. Many companies thought that their employees were only capable of being productive in the office and no where else.

Well, I’m sure we all beg to disagree with that mindset, and as a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure everyone who held that mindset, doesn’t anymore.

We are living through unprecedented times, and that is the reality of today. It has forced all companies that have the capability to work from home, to do so. Remote working is the new wave, it’s not a trend anymore, it’s an embraced working approach and for majority of companies right now, it’s the only approach.

For quite some time, remote working was becoming a trend and a benefit many employees sought after. It went from being a desire to a lifestyle real quick.

The workforce landscape has changed, for good. Think about it this way, currently a lot of people are working from home whilst having everyone in their families at home, and whilst having to perform all the care duties for their children (which in all honesty is a massive challenge in itself), and still, these employees are delivering, under the quarantine circumstances we encounter ourselves with.

Now if your employees are able to deliver work in that context, can you imagine what they could do if they had an empty house during the day as they would supposedly have under normal circumstances? They would be delivering even more work, without a doubt!

All the people working from home are proving to their companies that productive remote working is possible and perhaps this can serve as a wake up call for companies who never wanted to embrace it, to finally do it. Because it works! Let us leave that old fashioned mindset, and embrace remote working for the foreseeable future and more.

We are seeing an increase in the usage of communication tools, because now, more than ever, they are needed, companies need ways to communicate effectively and efficiently. Tools such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, Skype for Business and more. All of these tools are in high demand, and the companies behind them are working to increase the capabilities and features of it to provide a better experience.

I truly believe that once this is all over and the world goes back to normal, that remote working will continue to strive. Like I mentioned earlier, the workforce landscape has now fully changed, remote working is no longer a trend, it is the new wave, it is the new working lifestyle that is here to stay.

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