How to Write Addictive Content That Makes People Come Back For More

The 3 pillars of extremely good content


Nick Chai

2 years ago | 2 min read

I’ve seen headlines about how writing platforms changed. And top writers are leaving the platform because their reach and pay are severely affected.

My opinion??…Writers need to think more like a business.

A profitable and successful business relies on repeat purchases and referrals. In other words, people like what they get and come back for more. The same goes for writers. People come back for more if they like what they read.

There are 3 pillars writers need to know to write super addictive content. If you study the top writers on the platform, they follow these 3 pillars very closely. Regardless of where they publish, they can still make it.

That’s what makes them successful.

Pillar #1: Compelling ideas

When I started writing to get clients for my business, I’ve always thought I should be writing for search engine visibility. Little did I know that’s what held me back from getting the clients I want to work with. Writing for search engines isn’t compelling enough to make anyone desire my writing.

Ideas are the game-changer in my content. People don’t continue reading because you wrote a good headline. They keep reading because the context is interesting. It holds true whenever you’re writing, especially for marketing purposes.

Here’s another important part. Great content is also about the flow of your ideas. You don’t stuff everything all over the place. The reading experience matters too. The best structure I believe is to be specific with your headings and content under those headings. One idea at a time.

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Pillar #2: Crisp writing

You don’t need to be a writer to write content. But you have to be a writer to write great content. Being a wordsmith is more than just writing words. A wordsmith has the ability to turn dull and complex ideas into easy-to-understand and digestible reads.

Everyone has ideas. But not everyone can write those ideas down in an organized and digestible manner. Clean and crisp writing will always be a part of the equation in written content. People need to understand what you write to be able to absorb your ideas effectively.

So, if you want to create content that makes people come back for more, learn how to write effectively. Forget about those A+ essays you wrote at school. Those were proud moments, I admit. Sorry to say that most of them won’t pay your bills. We’re talking about writing to communicate. Not to impress.

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Pillar #3: Excellent readability

Written content is all about consumption and readability. This ties back to pillar #1 which is the flow of your ideas. Let’s define what readability truly means. In my opinion, readability means your content is easy to read (headings and proper structure) and the message is crystal clear.

When you read an article with excellent readability, you won’t pause in between paragraphs. You understand what’s being communicated and you just can’t stop reading. Even if it’s 10,000 words. That determines how good the article is.

This is a learnable skill. Once mastered, people’s eyes will stick to the screen like glue on paper. My favorite tips are ‘keep it short and punchy’ and ‘choose better words’. 

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People come back for more if they like what they read. Algorithms, visibility, and reach don’t matter as much as the quality of your output. What’s good about those if your content reaches 1,000 people but none of them wants more from you? Let that sink in.


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