How To Write A Ridiculously Powerful Elevator Pitch (Part Two)

Part Two looks at putting it all together...


Sahail Ashraf

3 years ago | 2 min read

In the last post we looked at putting together the bare bones of your elevator pitch. In today’s post, we are going to look at how you can use the steps you’ve gone through to make some notes for your pitch and also how to make sure your picture is effective. 

Once you have gone through the steps, from asking yourself who you are to including the call to action, you are then ready to put together a pitch. Create a draft for your pitch, making sure that it lasts for around 30 seconds when you speak it aloud. For an easier guide, it’s usually worthwhile thinking about an 80 word limit.

Then, have fun with a mirror or a friend. Just keep going over your pitch again and again. It needs to get to the point where you know it inside out. And the more you practice it in front of a mirror, orl that special friend, the more you will notice parts that need removing or even added to. Just bear in mind that 3 second or 80 word limit. If it goes over either of those boundaries, you are looking at a pitch that is just too long.

Some general tips

It’s actually a good idea to keep things as simple as possible. Your listener won’t want to hear every product you make, or about you. They want to hear how you can solve their problem.

Obviously the person you are pitching to is a warm lead, otherwise you’re wasting your time. Because they are warm you know their pain point. Your elevator pitch should solve the problem. It is as simple as that. And that shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds.

Always leave the listener with your business card or some way of contacting you. You haven’t sold them to death, you’ve just told them how you can solve the problem. If your pitch is good, the interest should be there and they will at least think about calling you. However, if you’ve got no way of telling them your contact details then you’ve just wasted your time.

Perhaps the best tip I can give you is to practice. When I say practice, I mean practice to the point where you are able to say it at the drop of a hat. You should practice so much that you’re sick of saying it. You should practice so much that you’re adding emphasis here and there on certain words that you like saying during the pitch. You should practice it so much that you could say it in your sleep (whatever that means).

Your elevator pitch is an easy and simple way to get someone interested in your business proposition. You don’t know when you’ll get a chance to say it, but if you’re ready, then it could make things happen. Also, there is one more benefit. A good elevator pitch keeps you motivated, and also keeps you aware of what you’re doing and why.

Be proud of your business and what you do. You deserve success. Write a damn good elevator pitch and believe every word of it.


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