Are Writer Born or Made?

Writers can be born and can be made. It only involves effort.


Adewumi Adelakin

a year ago | 1 min read

This is my first article here and i would like to say thank you for building this website. Thank you for the great welcome note also.

This title just prompt in my head the day my friends and i were having good time about the articles we have written. So i want to ask you too. Are writers born or made?

From my own point of view, writer can be born and writers can be made. But If a person was born as a writer but did not put in the effort to start writing, this person is just like an ordinary person that was not born a writer.

I hope you get it. If you are born a genius but you have never talked nor tried working on anything. The genius trait in you is just null and void.

So for you to be a writter, you have to put in the effort needed. You have to read book, take some important courses, and most important, you have to keep writing. Practice writing, send your work to your friends for review. Being intentional about what you want to know is the drive needed. A born writer and a made writer only became a writer because of the effort they put towards learning and practicing.

Thank you for reading.


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