Writer’s Block — In Words

Firing blanks


Anthony terence

3 years ago | 1 min read

Ever wondered what a writer’s livestream would look like?
A six-hour stream of a blank document.

Her ardent fans comprise of not-so-distant relatives and friends who have no choice but to support their aspiring Wordsworth. The chat is a morale hazard.

“You can do this!”

“The woman is at the blinking crease, words ready to lash out like a whip and make an impression.”

“And she kicks it off with a ‘The’, a lethal start. The first brick in a bestseller. Oh no, she’s cut it out again. A tactical retreat.”

The audience cast their shadows upon her, an all-seeing evil eye gazing into her thought process. Her arms sweat as they reach for a dictionary. Relieved, her eyes look for a synonym for the word that had shown up seven times in the last three paragraphs.

“Her creative energy is flowing, she’s on a roll- wait, did she just open Reddit?”

“A riveting start, her style is second to- nevermind she’s backtracking.”

“While a Google search of ‘pictures of prairie dogs’ gets you adorable results, its literary relevance is lost upon our dense minds.”

“Where does my story go from here?” she wonders. Is there a point in all this? She started this thinking she had a trove of ideas up her sleeve, but the well had run dry. Nothing. Nil.
Well, she could take out the trash. Guess that counts as something.

The cursor moves to end the stream.

A message in caps makes her pause.
It’s him. She hadn’t heard from him in months.

“WRITING PROMPT: Writer’s block. You go girl.”

She smiles as her fingers leap from key to key.

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