What is Yoga and What Are the Benefits of Yoga?

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The word Yoga can be defined as discipline. Yoga was developed by Patanjali, an Indian Hindu in the year three hundred. Yoga's purpose includes making your body stronger, stretching your body's muscles, and to help increase concentration. For others, Yoga will help them to relax. 200 hour Yoga teacher training Bangalore

Yoga has been embraced by many athletes and celebrities because of all the improvements it has on the body.

Flexibility is one of Yoga's core focuses. You may have noticed the pretzel like moves that look hard to master. The best tip for accomplishing these seemingly difficult moves is to relax.

Breathing is a very important part of participating in Yoga. Breathing correctly while practicing Yoga will help you with physical control. In Yoga breathing is your life force, meaning your life is not counted in years or time passed, but in breaths taken.

Some people who practice Yoga adhere to strict guidelines to reach a higher level of consciousness. These guidelines include not lying, avoiding greediness, not stealing, and not hurting other people. Other observances are striving to be clean, happy with one's life, practicing self control, and being devoted.
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Yoga is all about control, users never force themselves to do an exercise. Yoga is done slowly, often easing into each exercise. If you simply cannot do a certain move, just wait until another day.

Concentration is very important in Yoga, because if tomorrows demands are what you are focusing on then you will not be able to concentrate on the balance you will need for each exercise. Balance is key to completing the many different moves so make sure you concentrate on every move you do.

Many Yoga exercises are very similar to what can be observed in nature, for instance the move called downward dog is named after a dogs posture. Other Yoga moves resemble shapes of a cat, tortoise, eagle, cobra and crab.

Every Yoga exercise is designed to promote calmness of ones self and overall health. Each and every move targets specific muscles in your body, including nerve endings, and glands.

Certain exercises were made to combat individual pains in your body, such as lower back pain. Yoga can also help defeat feelings of depression and fears that you may have. 
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Many exercises and exercise programs today borrow from Yoga moves. If you have ever done a handstand or a cartwheel than you have practiced a move originally made for Yoga. Most Yoga books will describe in detail what each move does for your body, so you will know what you need to do to heal or treat different ailments.


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