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YouTube: This extension can show dislikes

Return YouTube Dislikes open-source browser extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera.


Noé Cabannes-Michel

4 months ago | 1 min read


YouTube has recently removed the dislike count across the platform to avoid mass harassment. But this new extension can actually return the famous dislike button.

Gouri Jain © Thenexthint

The disappearance of the dislikes counter leads to controversy. Some creators are even strongly opposed to it. Right now, you can still put a red thumb under a video, but you can't see how many "thumbs down" the video has garnered. Besides, YouTubers still have access to the counter from their YouTube Studio dashboard. Nevertheless, there is a method to make the total number of dislikes appear again under YouTube videos.

The open-source extension “Return YouTube Dislikes”

According to the extension's website, the extension gets data from a combination of archived data from before the official YouTube dislikes API shut down, and extrapolated extension user behavior.

The extension collects the video ID of the video you are watching, fetches the dislike (and other fields like views, likes, etc) using our API. The extension then displays the dislike count and ratio on the page. If you like or dislike a video, that is recorded and sent to the database so an accurate dislike count can be extrapolated.

In January 2022, this free extension has hit over 2,000,000 downloads in total.

Redactor's review after one week

3/5 ★★★☆☆ - Great!

I tried for my personal for one week use and to be honest, that's a really good solution if you are looking for having an opinion about the video that you are watching and to don't waste time on usefulness tutorial. It feels like the old days and I can't part with it. Some people on the internet complain about the dislike numbers not being updated for a long time ago, but it's still enough to make you a good idea if it's shit or not. Unfortunately, it may not work on every new video uploaded after December 13th, 2021, but the team plans to share an API system with the creators.

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