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“Like my video, subscribe to my channel.” This is a common phrase we hear when watching YouTube videos. Many of us who subscribe to a YouTube channel do so because we love and enjoy the content put out by its creator.

But what if subscribing to a YouTube channel gave you more than just new content? This is exactly the idea behind what Zach Johnson is doing with his YouTube channel Subscriber Celebration.

When you subscribe to Zach’s channel, you not only become a follower of his content, but he will craft a personal vlog with a shout out just for you. Whether it’s jumping in a pool, flipping a water bottle 109 times, or playing with a puppet of Kermit the frog, Zach celebrates each one of his subscribers with his unique flair tailored to the requests of the individual.

His personalized content has already struck a chord with a portion of the YouTube community. Since launching the channel just this past May, Zach has over 500 subscribers and already over 130 videos made for each one.

Each video feels wholesome, personal, and entertaining. His videos bring people together. You don’t feel as if Zach is making these videos for himself, but is instead making them for you. It’s unlike any other content you can find on YouTube today.

Humble Beginnings

Although the channel is only a month old, Zach has been a content creator on Youtube for over 8 years. He first started in middle school making humorous skits with his friends.

Zach’s “backpacking” video — Taken from Subscriber Celebration’s Youtube

One of these videos includes wearing a backpack on the front of your chest while standing in front of someone on a moving swing set. He dubbed it a popular new sport: “backpacking.”

Even if it sounds like typical middle school antics, the creation of these videos made him realize this is something he enjoyed doing. From those early moments, he knew he wanted to be a YouTube content creator and had a dream to someday reach 1,000 subscribers.

After the escapades of his middle school days, Zach started a channel posting parkour and freerunning videos. Although these videos only averaged in the 100’s of views, some of his parkour fails got licensed to be used in FailArmy, MTV’s Ridiculousness, and a National Geographic segment on the “Science of Stupid.”

Zach’s parkour/freerunning videos — Taken from Subscriber Celebration’s Youtube

After his freerunning stint, Zach also tried making a channel on some of his other hobbies such as video games and trading cards.

Zach’s video talking about trading cards — Taken from Subscriber Celebration’s Youtube

Eventually, this led him to produce a channel with his wife Katelyn. This is the most up to date channel on his life, and features travel vlogs, fun date ideas, and challenge videos.

How to Do the Picnic Table Challenge — Taken from Zach & Katelyn’s Youtube channel

Since his early Youtube days, Zach has made over hundreds of different videos. They never became internet sensations, but it was a hobby he enjoyed and continues to this day.

Everyone Deserves to be Celebrated!

In addition to making videos, Zach is also a college student with his wife and holds a full-time job and two part-time jobs at his church. When he’s not doing those things, he’s creating videos.

You’d think with someone who maintains a busy personal and professional life with two Youtube channels on the side, they would be hesitant to start a new venture like Subscriber Celebration. But when it comes to reaching his goals and going after his passions, Zach isn’t shy about coming up with innovative ways to entertain his viewers. In an interview, Zach explains how the idea for Subscriber Celebration came about.

“I have been making YouTube videos for almost 9 years now, and I have always had the goal to hit the 1,000 subscribers milestone. It’s kind of a trivial thing, but I love making videos and it’s nice to see that others enjoy them as well. As I was browsing YouTube one day, trying to come up with ideas, I came across a viral YouTube video that was celebrating a surprisingly small amount of subscribers… After reflecting on that, the idea came to me that I could create a channel that celebrated every single subscriber with a unique video. I had never seen it done before, and it seemed novel enough to catch some attention.”

In the first 9 days of the channel launching, it caught the attention of nearly 200 subscribers. The whole idea was received so positively that he didn’t sleep the second night the channel launched. Instead, he stayed up crafting videos.

“I just kept making videos non-stop trying to keep up with the subscriber count. I had so much fun doing it and interacting with the subscribers in the comments that I didn’t want to stop!”

His first 56 videos were uploaded in just over two days. The dedication to his subscribers and the project was electrifying. He has since slowed down on his content to focus on quality but is still making a video to celebrate every one of his subscribers.

Uploading 56 videos for two days straight — Taken from Subscriber Celebration’s Youtube

Zach didn’t create the videos expecting to be able to sustain them for the long term but simply wanted to try something no other creator had done before.

One of the goals for Subscriber Celebration is the same objective he had over 8 years ago — to reach 1,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Even if the subscriber count passes 1,000. Zach still plans to hash out videos. Perhaps one of the most rewarding aspects is the community he is creating around him.

“I feel a responsibility to live up to my promises to make a video for everyone that has subscribed so far, but I am not doing this out of obligation. This effort has grown a community, and it has been an amazing experience for me to interact with people in the comments and make new friends. Now more than ever before, I think people need a sense of community.”

Celebrating Community & Creativity

Creating fun and engaging videos while also fostering a sense of community is what places like Youtube are all about. Like how Zach celebrates each new subscriber, pause and take a moment to recognize creative endeavors such as this that bring people together in chaotic times.

For Subscriber Celebration, the story is just beginning.

“I love to be creative and think outside the box, and I feel really blessed to have had the idea to make the Subscriber Celebration channel. It has been so much fun trying new things to celebrate each person I meet on YouTube. I have already made 100 videos for the channel but I am just getting started. I am excited to keep meeting new people as the Subscriber Celebration community continues to grow!”

Zach Johnson — Taken from Subscriber Celebration’s Youtube

Zach isn’t looking to be the next famous Youtuber. He is looking to achieve a lifelong goal, pursue what he loves, and meet new friends along the way. It’s a story of perseverance, commitment, and creativity. It’s an important and inspiring reminder that even on the internet, every member of a community is worth celebrating.


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